What is the most popular tattoo?

The past few decades, tattoo is losing this label that is just a “bad boy” thing. It´s getting very popular and teenagers just can’t wait for their birthdays to get their first one.

Sure we still have people from various tribes,like rockers and punks that are the regulars in the tattoo studio, but there is this huge amount of people that have less than 5 tattoos that are the ones that show us the tendency.

We had on the 90’s that boom with the tribal tattoos and the chinese and japanese symbols (for love, peace, harmony). My favorite were the cartoons tattoos. We had also many suns, flowers and butterflys, but hey… nature should be always on trend! 😉

But the ones from now…. I didn’t forget! Here at our studio, many people come asking for the writing tattoos. Some small phrases, something that really matter to them.

If you would like to get some phrase, or a word, come visit us. We have many font styles available here for you to choose.

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