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Thursday for free

We have a great new to anounce you. Many of us have or had some family member suffering with cancer, and breast cancer is the one that kills most women. If you are a breast cancer survivor, come here with us to celebrate the blessing of being alive. Thursdays I will be here, waiting for…

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Is tattoo painful?

Hi Everybody! So today I want to answer this famous question: is it painful? And the answer is yes and no. Depends a lot on the type of draw that you choose and specially, wich part of your body you are going to make. So, if you decide to make a plain black, for exemple,…

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What is the most popular tattoo?

The past few decades, tattoo is losing this label that is just a “bad boy” thing. It´s getting very popular and teenagers just can’t wait for their birthdays to get their first one. Sure we still have people from various tribes,like rockers and punks that are the regulars in the tattoo studio, but there is…

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